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Martel 3001 - daudzfunkciju kalibrators
  • Superior calibration accuracy to 0.0025% of reading
  • Direct keyboard entry or cursor entry with decade control
  • Custom RTD and SPRT profiles
  • Nine setpoints for each output range and type
  • Beryllium-Copper binding posts reduce thermal EMFs
  • RS232, USB and IEEE-488 remote control

The benchtop Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator is a highly accurate, full-featured temperature, pressure, and DC calibrator intended for R & D, manufacturing, and calibration lab applications. The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator's simple design and ease of operation allow users to quickly familiarize themselves with its operations and features. Time saving functions like the ability to save, recall and automatically cycle through setpoints for each output range, the ability to enter user definable RTD curves, and a complete remote interface are several key features offered by the Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator.

The precision Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator provides users a simple, intuitive interface. Mode, range, and value can be entered using either the front-panel keyboard with the cursor. All operating functions of the Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator can also can be accessed remotely via RS-232, IEEE-488, or USB using a standard PC running Fluke Met/Cal ® software, Windows ® HyperTerminal or other software using an ASCII protocol.

In addition to its wide range of functions, the Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator has a number of features that sets it apart from other multifunction calibrators. Flexible output is achieved through five-way copper alloy binding posts which provide a wide range of connection options. Stability and accuracy is traceable to NIST standards. Manual zero calibrations can be made on all T/C and pressure functions to eliminate offsets. The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator also allows up to nine setpoints to be defined for each output mode and each thermocouple and RTD type.

The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator also features a fully isolated measurement channel which allows the user to calibrate process transmitters and signal isolators. In reality it's like having two instruments in one. This channel also incorporates a 24 volt loop power supply to power 2-wire transmitters and a HART interface resistor enabling direct connection to HART communicators.

Voltage Mode

The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator offers four precision voltage output ranges (100mV, 1V, 10V, and 100V) all with 0.003% (30ppm) accuracy. These ranges are ideal for calibrating a broad range of DC voltage instrumentation. Additionally all voltage outputs settle to full specification in less than 200ms making the Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator ideal for automated calibration systems. An automatic stand-by mode assures that output voltages above 30VDC must be acknowledged by the operator before the voltage appears at the output jacks. The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator's stand-by mode is also triggered if the output current compliance is exceeded, thereby protecting the device under calibration.

Current Mode

The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator features a precision current output range (100mA) that offers 0.01% (100ppm) accuracy, which is ideal for calibrating process instrumentation especially 4 to 20mA equipment. With a full 12 volts of compliance at 100mA virtually any precision DC current measuring device can be calibrated using the 3001. Like the voltage ranges, the current range offers quick settling time and an operate/stand-by mode.

Thermocouple Mode

The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator can read and source any of 11 types of thermocouples. Its T/C input and output is Cold Junction Compensated, using an ultra-stable PT-1000 sensor.

RTD Mode

The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator can read and source 9 RTD types as well as YSI-400 and Ohms for non-standard curves. Probe coefficients (A, B, C, and R0) can be entered directly, with storage for up to five custom curves and one SPRT curve. The performance of the Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator in the RTD mode compares to dedicated RTD measurement instruments. Unlike low-cost, less accurate RTD instruments, the Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator's display is always active, reading to three decimal places, using polynomial averaging to extract a high accuracy signal. The result is a very quiet, high accuracy reading.

Pressure Mode

The Martel 3001 multi-function calibrator operates with all Martel BetaPort series pressure modules using the BPPA module adapter and covers pressure ranges from 0 to 10" H2O to 10,000 psi. Pressure can be displayed in a wide range of engineering units with up to 0.025% Full Scale accuracy.

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