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  • Mērījumu diapazons līdz -120 ° Cpd (1 ppbV)
  • Stabila un atkārtojama mērīšana
  • Analogue and digital output
  • Simple installation
  • VCR process connections
  • Optional display / alarm unit
  • Compact design
  • Fast response
  • Optional Hazardous Area Approval
  • Service exchange program

This small transmitter is a rugged, self-contained hygrometer designed specifically for the measurement of trace moisture content in ultra high purity gases.

Simple to use and install, the Pura is available in 2-wire, 3-wire and hazardous area versions and is fully configurable to meet specific needs.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type Michell Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor
Range -120 to -40°Cdp (calibrated from -100 to -40°C)
Accuracy ±1°C from -40 up to -60°Cdp
±2°C from -60 up to -100°Cdp
±4°C from -100 to -120°Cdp (estimated)
Operating Pressure Minimum 10-7 Pa (10-9 torr)
Maximum 24 MPa (240 barg)
Operating Temperature -40 to +60°C
Flow Rate 1 to 5 Nl/min
Power Nominal 24 V DC, 10-28 V DC maximum current 25 mA 2 or 3-wire configuration
Output PUR-TX-2W: 4 to 20mA 2-wire
PUR-TX-3W: 4 to 20mA 3-wire
PUR-AOL-SEN only: Digital String (RS485)
Cable with Display PUR-OL & PUR-IS-OL: 2m (standard) / 5 or 10m (optional)
PUR-AOL: 2m (standard) / 5 or 10m (optional)
Sensor Block Premium and OEM version: Cold drawn stainless steel, 0.1 - 0.2 Ra µm electro-polished internal finish
Pressure Connections Premium and OEM version: ¼" male VCR connection
Pura Sensor version: ½" male VCR connection
Installation Profile Premium and OEM version: 120mm pitch, drop in across gas port face seals
Zero pipe clearance required
2 off M4 x 0.7, 7mm deep mounting holes in block, diagonally opposed at 20 x 20mm pitch
Pura Sensor version: fits into user's ½" VCR configured port
Overall Dimensions Premium and OEM version: 120 x 35 x 150mm (w x d x h)
Pura Sensor version: 132 x Ø35mm
Weight Premium and OEM versions: 450g
Pura Sensor version: 180g
Packaging Pura Premium: Double bagged and sealed in UHP inert gas
Pura OEM & Pura Sensor: Single bagged in 1000 gauge polythene
All options: shipped individually in profiled sponge protection and carton
Pura Sensor version supplied with protective guard over sensor surface for transportation and handling
Service Exchange Available on the Pura Sensor (SEN) ½" VCR connection
MonitorsAdvanced Online Monitor: PUR-AOLOnline Monitor: PUR-OL
Measurement Units °F, °Cdp; ppmV and ppbV with user-selectable range and resolution Simple display defined by 2-wire sensor input
Secondary measurement variable Pressure via external transducer 0-30 MPa (300 variable barg)
Completely user-configurable for any industry standard transducer
Automatic compensation for ppmV and ppbV
ppmV with no line pressure correction input available with PUR-TX-2W & PUR-IS-2W
Power Supply Universal 85 to 265 V AC; 95 to 370 V DC 100 to 240 V AC (+10, -15%) 50/60 Hz
Ingress Protection IP54 (NEMA 12); IP66 (NEMA 4X) for front panel only with optional cover IP65 front panel (IP20 rear panel)
Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C 0 to +50°C
Relays 2 off 10 A / 240 V c/o fully user-configurable: can accommodate full range for selected engineering unit + sensor fault alarm functions Alarm 1 relay: single pole make contact, rating 3 A @ 250 V AC
Alarm 2 relay: changeover contacts, rating 5 A @ 250 V AC
Display Resolution 5 Digit 4 Digit
Outputs: Analogue 4-20 mA fully user-configurable and scaleable for range 0-20 or 4-20 mA fully user-configurable and scaleable for range
Outputs: Digital RS232: provides 2-way communication - full data access to user and total availability of all set-up options RS232: provides 2-way communication - full data access to user and total availability of all set-up options
Power Supply 18 to 36 V AC; 9 to 60 V DC 24 V DC
Relays 1 or 2 further 5 A relays (max 4 in total) n/o type fully user configurable: can accommodate full range + full unit choice + sensor fault alarm functions 1 further optional relay - refer to factory
Outputs: Analogue 0-10 V fully user-configurable and scaleable for range 0 to 10 V output using 500 Ω shunt resistant
Outputs: Digital RS485

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