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  • Testa spriegums 10-25 kV, 5 kV soļi
  • Microprocessor controlled test instrument
  • Highly accurate test voltage
  • Patented automatic regulation
  • Power reserves for the highest requirements
  • Self-calibrating instrument
  • Testing of dirty, damp and therefore slightly conductive surfaces
  • Three grounding possibilities, including capacitance

Test voltage 10-25 kV, 5 kV steps

Sufficient reserves of energy for the most demanding requirements by means of impulse voltage technology. The patented automatic regulation guarantees a precise test voltage. Its robust, hardwearing technology makes the ISOTEST 4S suitable for the rough and tumble of everyday testing. Its ease of use bears witness to the years of experience built into the instrument.

Delivery includes

  • ISOTEST 4S test instrument complete with high voltage inspection probe including safety button.
  • Lead acid 6 V rechargeable battery - easy to change in its own compartment
  • Charger 230 V / 50Hz
  • Ground cable 10m with a robust clip and instrument plug with ground monitoring
  • Strong plastic housing in a robust instrument bag complete with carrying strap
  • Full operating instructions and quick start guide
  • Spare battery for safety button / fuses for rechargeable battery
  • Works and calibration certificate


ISOTEST 4S is indispensable in the area of passive corrosion protection. Non-destructive high voltage testing of the most diverse coatings and corrosion protection materials has proved itself again and again over long periods of time. The test, prescribed by many works' specifications and standards, has made a successful contribution, within the framework of quality control, to reducing stoppage times and avoiding interruptions to production and subsequent repair costs.

Coating thicknesses from a few hundred micrometres to several millimetres can be tested for pores, cracks or scarcely discernible transport damage by means of short high voltage impulses. The short action time of the impulses, which treats the material gently, makes it possible to test with reserves of energy, which, in turn, guarantees the stability of the selected test voltage even with dirty or damp surfaces.

Defective areas can be clearly distinguished, whether it be with externally or internally coated tubes, rubber coated containers, seams in plastic, fully sheathed fittings or machine parts... everywhere where non-conductive coatings are overlaid on conductive materials (e.g. metal, wet concrete) or where non-conductive coatings have an underlay of conductive materials (e.g. plastic seams in tubing or containers).

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