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Fluke Compass - calibration software
  • Auto-detect support for Ruska references
  • Seat-based licensing for economical expansion to multiple users
  • Integrated support of Ruska Autofloat controllers and piston gauge monitors
  • Fully automated calibration and adjustment of Fluke 700 pressure modules when used with a Fluke controller reference.
  • Import of existing WinPrompt metrological information into COMPASS
  • Export to MET/TRACK® software now supports multiple standards and customizable prompts

COMPASS® for Pressure is a universal platform for all of your pressure calibration software needs. From piston gauges calibrating individual devices in the cal lab to transfer standards characterizing racks of sensors in production, COMPASS provides an off-the-shelf software tool to maximize the automation of your calibration and testing processes.

COMPASS for Pressure’s industry leading pressure calibration software enables you to advance from individual automated hardware components to a fully automated calibration system—quickly, and without consuming your internal engineering resources. COMPASS software, and the expert assistance available from the support specialists at Fluke Calibration, remove the unknowns often associated with getting automated systems online.

COMPASS for Pressure integrates calibration functions with pressure-specific dependencies that are missing from more generic software packages. And now, COMPASS software also enables users to export test data directly to the same MET/BASE database used by the MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management System. Users can now manage their inventory, calibration location, maintenance and customers through MET/TRACK® software. This allows the benefits of COMPASS software’s specialization in pressure calibration to be enjoyed while maintaining the link to your organization’s overall calibration management system.

Pirkt Fluke Compass - calibration software
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