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Fluke PG7000 - zemspiediena sūknis
  • Gauge, absolute, differential pressure
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Ranges from 2 kPa to 110 MPa
  • Accuracy from ±0,0012% to ±0,0035%
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Ranges from 0.2 kPa to 500 MPa
  • Accuracy from ±0,0025% to ±0,0035%

The piston gauge’s fundamental operating principle and excellent long term stability have made it an indispensable tool in high accuracy pressure metrology. As accuracy levels increase, quality assurance requirements intensify and automation spreads through the workplace, the piston gauge must evolve to continue to fill its essential role in the measurement system. PG7000, the first truly new, high end piston gauge introduced since the late 1970s, responds to this challenge.

PG7000 development was undertaken with four main inter-related design objectives:
• Deliver real improvements in fundamental metrological performance to assure that today’s—and tomorrow’s—ever increasing accuracy requirements can be supported.
• Integrate automated monitoring of environmental and instrument operating conditions with extensive on-board intelligence to provide a modern stand alone instrument that outputs fully validated reference pressures, real time, through an intuitive operator interface.
• Reduce—and when possible eliminate—the influence of the operator on measurements to assure more consistent performance.
• Improve piston gauge ergonomics for greater operator satisfaction and increased productivity.
The PG7000 design objectives were pursued with the refinement of existing techniques, innovative new design, process improvements and the thorough application of today's digital and information processing technologies. The result is a coherent line of piston gauges that sets a new standard for both performance and usability, redefining the state of the art in high end pressure metrology.

Pirkt Fluke PG7000 - zemspiediena sūknis
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