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  • Premium Water Triple Point Cells - Borosilicate Glass These Premium Cells can be calibrated to an uncertainty of +/- 0.000070°C (0.07mK) A11-50-270*, A13-50-270*, B11-50-270, B11-65-270*, B13-65-270, B16-65-270 *also available in Quartz Glass.
  • Reproductilibity The equilibrium temperature of a cell will repeat to within ±0.000,02°C of the mean equilibrium temperature.
  • Stability After equilibrium is reached, the mean temperature of the inner melt of an ice mantle will remain constant to within ±0.000,01°C for as long as the mantle can be preserved (up to 90 days in some instances).
  • Further Laboratory Water Triple Point Cells These Cells have shorter immersion depth and can be calibrated to an uncertainty of ±0.000100°C (0.1mK). B12-40-210, B12-46-210.

The Water Triple Point is the most important fixed point, the only point common to the ITS-90 and the Thermodynamic Temperature Scale. It is an essential reference point for every temperature laboratory. The Jarrett-Isotech cells are the best standard, all cells are not the same, accept no inferior device.

Total Confidence – The Internationally Proven Cells The Jarrett-Isotech cells have been in production since 1958. A independent comparison* in 1981 showed the first cell to be within 0.000006°C of the reference cell. The most recent international study organized by BIPM** consistently shows labs using both recent and older Jarrett-Isotech cells tightly grouped, tens of μK around the BIPM reference value.

International comparisons prove the quality of the Jarrett-Isotech Cells and are unique in the number, and history of comprehensive evaluations.

*“ Reproducibility of Some Triple Point of Water Cells”By George T. Furukawa and William R. Bigge. Temperature - Its Measurement & Control in Science & Industry Vol. 5 1982.
** Final Report on CCT-K7: Key comparison of water triple point cells.
M Stock et al 2006 Metrologia 43 03001

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