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Guildline 6622A - līdzstrāvas salīdzināšanas tilts
  • Measurement Range From 1 mΩ~134 kΩ
  • Extended Measurement Range down to 0.1 µΩ With Currents to 3000A
  • Rx/Rs Ratios: 0.1:1 ~ 100:1
  • Best Uncertainty: ± 0.03 ppm of Reading
  • Linearity: ± 0.01 ppm of Full Scale
  • Resolution: ± 0.001 ppm of Full Scale
  • Temperature Option Available
  • Range Extender Designed to Operate Without external Power Supplies / Switches
  • Fully Programmable IEEE 488
  • Bridgeworkstm Data Acquisition Software
  • Unique Calibration Support Strategy
  • Complete Measurement Systems Available

GUILDLINE INSTRUMENTS 6622A SERIES direct current comparator (DCC) bridges are well suited for precision calibration in both resistance and temperature applications. Their flexible and wide measurement ranges, the upgradeable performance, the newly introduced 100:1 measurement ratio all make them very attractive to users. Due to customers’ request, Guildline introduced the model 6622A-XPS, the performance enhanced version of the Guildline model 6622A-XP. The only difference between a model 6622A-XPS and a model 6622A-XP is the enhanced performance of model 6622A-XPS, the best uncertainty of the model 6622AXPS is better than 0.03 ppm.

Specially selected hardware is used in the construction of the model 6622A-XPS. In addition, a much more stringent alignment and calibration procedure also play a important role to guarantee the performance of the model 6622A-XPS, to reach the 0.03 ppm of uncertainty at both 1:1 and 10:1 ratios.

Just like all the other 6622A, the model 6622A-XPS can be upgraded, to have a wider measurement range of up to 100MΩ or 1GΩ.

Measurements of UUT from 1Ω ~ 10kΩ can be made using 1:1 and 10:1 ratios, at better than 0.03 ppm of uncertainty!

The model 6622A-XPS provides very stable measurement. This bridge is perfect for applications such as Quantum Hall Measurements for the determination of the ohm, calibration of standard resistors, calibration of SPRT’s and very precise temperature measurements etc.

Using proprietary technology, the Guildline 6623A series of range extenders can enable measurement of shunts at high current, such as the measurement of a 0.1uΩ shunt at a maximum current of 3000A. The range extenders carry out polarity reversal automatically, at user selected intervals. Standard models include the 6623A-150, 6623A-300, 6623A-450, 6623A-600, 6623A-1000, 6623A-2000, and 6623A-3000, each with built-in current power supplies. The Guildline 6623A series range extenders are easy to use and easy to maintain. Using this approach, a user does not need to worry about external switches, compressed air or power supply.

Pirkt Guildline 6622A - līdzstrāvas salīdzināšanas tilts
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